Here’s how you will burn R50k of your hard-earned cash over the next 5 years 

Consider this:  Go to the ATM, draw R600 cash. Whip out a lighter, set fire to the R600 you have just drawn, watch it burn, and toss the ashes in the bin.  Go home, and be really hacked with yourself about what you have just done, but do nothing about it.  In a month’s time, repeat this exercise.  And next month do the same, and keep doing this in perpetuity.

Each year, increase the amount you burn every single month without fail by at least 15%. This year you’ll burn R7200, next year R8 300, the year after R9 500, by year four it will stand at R11 000 and by year five, you will set fire to R12 600 in cold hard cash. YOUR cash.  Paid dutifully every month by you, without fail, to a power utility that for at least the last ten years has given you the middle finger amidst the most outrageous cases of fraud, corruption, incompetence and malfeasance.

Cumulatively, over five years you will burn almost R50 000, for no valid reason other than the fact that you have always done it this way.

Insane, right? 

Yet every month and for years, this is exactly what you have been doing if you have not converted your inefficient electric geyser to a solar geyser or heat pump solution.

The figures above are based on a monthly electricity bill of R2000 for an average family of four.  At least 30% of that bill will be for water heating, although our experience has shown this figure is much closer to 40%. Consider that a 200litre electric geyser will use 4kWh per hour, for at least 4-6 hours per day.  That’s at least 600kWh per month just for a hot bath or shower. A bigger geyser means even more of your money, blown.  Now multiply those kWh by your electricity charge rate – get the picture?

Here’s the part that should send you right over the edge

For a once off investment of around R19 000 or a monthly repayment of R592* – less than what you are burning every month anyway by paying Eskom to do your water heating – you can ditch your expensive electric geyser and install a 200-litre solar geyser or heat pump (fully installed), and slash between 30-40% off your monthly electricity bill, every single month, year on year.

Your renewable investment will pay for itself in around 30 months or 2.5 years and thereafter, you will be saving a packet. In other words, the money you are paying anyway to Eskom, can buy you an amazing asset that puts money back in your pocket, for many, many years to come.

Not only will you be saving a huge amount of money – R50k is not to be sneezed at – you will also have made a huge step towards getting as energy efficient as possible, so that you can convert to solar PV electricity generation for your entire home should you so wish.

Let this all sink in for a minute.

Even if you don’t have the cash up front and choose to finance your green water heating solution, your monthly repayment is still less than what you are paying on your municipal electricity account every month to heat your water.  And while your repayment stays the same for the loan period, your electricity costs will be going up every year by an average of 15%.

Yet every month, every year, you’ve been burning your hard-earned money for no good reason at all.

Have you lost your mind?

* (Finance subject to standard credit checks, based on a 60-month loan period and interest rate of 19%.  Shorter loan repayment periods also available)


Buy for value and ROI, not on price

As a cautionary note as you embark on your journey towards greater grid independence, is the concept of value versus price, and why quality workmanship and standards are more important than ever when you’re working with electricity and boiling water in a pressurised tank.

It’s really important to use a reputable supplier with a national network, proven workmanship, quality products, skilled installation professionals and a full service and maintenance offering to keep your system working at optimal level. Beware of cheap systems and questionable installation methods – they will leave you disappointed with inferior savings results and more often than not, cold water and no back-up.  Service and quality really does matter. Most of all, you want to be sure that your supplier complies with safety regulations, that your installation is 100% safe, sound and optimised for your needs, and that your supplier will be around for years to come to fulfil on warranties and servicing requirements of your unit.

We have been called upon to assist clients who have had dodgy installations done by dodgier operators and been unable to get the original supplier to fix their poor workmanship.  It inevitably costs them more money to fix their dud than if they had gone for a better quality solution in the first place.

Our go-to-market approach is one based on value and perfect installations.  Every time.

Why partner with One Energy?

There are numerous important reasons to put One Energy on your list for serious consideration:

  • It all begins with our solid work ethic and down to earth integrity. Before making a commitment it’s important to know you are dealing with people you can trust.
  • Our ethos of perfect installations backed by quality work, service and products means that every one of our clients is a contactable reference.
  • It may sound a little arrogant, but we know that our product and technical knowledge is world-class. In fact, our technical director is consulted by the industry ombud to consult on problematic installations by suppliers where consumers are unable to get their issues resolved. We believe it’s essential to establish that you are dealing with people who have the required knowledge, expertise and integrity.
  • We don’t skimp on materials. We use only the best quality fixtures and fittings to ensure a first class job every time.
  • Our workmanship is guaranteed. Our products are quality approved and come with extended five wear warranties. In the unlikely event of a problem, resulting directly from our workmanship or product failure, we fix it without a quibble or cost to the customer.
  • Because One Energy franchises are owner-operated, we have a vested interested in the quality of each and every installation.
  • Not all companies offer a range of products. This inevitably results in their pushing the product they stock which may not be right for the customer. At One Energy we never sell a product simply because we want the sale. We always provide the best possible product to suit your needs and we always conduct a thorough needs analysis.
  • We pride ourselves on our 100% quality guarantee that will see you saving money and the environment from the moment it is up and running, with an expected life span on many products in excess of 20 years.
  • We believe in investing the time and effort into educating clients about the finer workings of renewable energy solutions and the benefits both in terms of savings, self-sufficiency and living a greener lifestyle.
  • We are fierce proponents of quality and integrity in the industry, taking a firm stance in educating clients against fly-by-night operators and sub-standard equipment, which does untold damage to the industry and consumer confidence in renewable technologies.

If you are serious about getting off the grid and taking back control of your electricity costs and supply, contact One Energy at with your contact details and area – we’ll schedule an obligation-free consultation to provide you with a thorough overview of the steps you can take to get off the grid, step-by-step.



Burst Geyser? It’s the perfect opportunity to switch to green

Winter is affectionately known as geyser season in the plumbing industry. A burst geyser is the perfect opportunity to ditch your old electric geyser and replace it with a solar geyser which will save you huge amounts of money on your electricity bill every month.  Most insurers have embraced the move to greener, renewable solutions, allowing you to pay in the difference between the insurance settlement on your old geyser and your new solar geyser.    With electricity prices going up exponentially every year, it’s a great opportunity to save between 30-40% on your household electricity costs and make a positive impact on the environment.

If you’re unlucky enough to experience a burst geyser, talk to One Energy right away and we’ll provide a replacement quotation for a solar geyser and a report for your insurers. Once they have assessed your claim, you can arrange for your insurer to pay you the settlement for your electric geyser, and then you only need to pay in the difference for your new solar solution.  And you can even choose to finance the difference through One Energy’s finance providers.

Once installed, remember to add your solar asset to your building insurance cover as any new additions add to the replacement value of your property, so make sure you list it under your Homeowners insurance.

Nersa still considering a 34% increase in Eskom’s electricity tariffs

Nersa will decide in August whether Eskom’s electricity tariffs will be increased to allow it to recover about R67 billion related to under-recovery and over-expenditure in 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2016/17. If all three applications that are currently before Nersa are granted in full and implemented once-off next year, it would amount to an additional increase of 34%.

This comes after Nersa granted Eskom only a 5,23% tariff increase for 2018/19, instead of the 19.9% increase Eskom asked for.

But what you are not being told is that these applications relate to the Zupta’s grand thieving years as defined in the Public Protector “State Capture Report” – bottom line is you are going to pay for the grand-scale thievery and corruption that took place at Eskom.

Another huge problem is that these RCA claims eventually become embedded in the tariff structure, so even after the billions of Rands are recovered, don’t expect your electricity costs to come down – they simply will not.

South Africans are going to foot this bill – unless you take action and start moving towards greater grid independence and energy efficiency.  You are already being slapped with an increase in VAT to 15% from 1 April.  Now potentially, another 30% increase on your electricity bill.

And don’t forget that Eskom still has to apply for MYPD4 which should extend to 2024.

Read more about this story on Moneyweb. The RCA applications can be found at

Specials on solar geysers and heat pumps

200L Kwikot On-roof solar geyser from R 19 900 or R616/pm

(200L Kwikot In-roof solar geyser from R 20 500)

Direct 200Lt tube ystem

200L Integrated heat pump & geyser from R 27 500 or R813/pm

300L Integrated heat pump & geyser from R 29 900 or R875/pm

Quickpump integrated heatpump

5.6kW Enerflow Heat Pump from R 21 500 or R675/pm

Heat pump

(All the above pricing includes VAT and a standard installation. Finance amount indicative and subject to individual credit checks, 60-month loan term and 19% interest rate. Final quote subject to a site visit)

Solar is the very best financial investment you can make

By investing in solar for your home or business, what you would have spent on grid electricity now goes towards funding your solar investment and boosting the value of your own property asset. Right now, solar delivers between an 18-25% return on investment each year based on electricity savings, far outstripping any other investment vehicle where you could place your money.

Consider this financial model of a 3.3kWh grid-tie solar PV system and a 200-litre solar geyser for a 4-person family household with an electricity bill of R2000 per month at a rate of R1,85/kWh:

Total cost of investment:  R75 000

– 3,3KW Solis grid tie PV system:                R54 000 incl Vat & installation

– 200-litre Kwikot Solar geyser:                  R21 000 incl Vat & installation


Expected Savings from 200l Solar Geyser:   

Average electrical consumption of geyser:            15kWh per day

Expected solar saving on electrical geyser:            70%

Total expected monthly saving:     R583/pm  (15kwh x 70% x R1.85/kWh x 30 days =315kWh/pm)


Expected Savings from 3,3 kW PV system:

Power generation per day:          15kWh per day

Power generation per month:        450kWh per month

Total expected monthly saving:     R832/pm  (450 kWh per month x R1.85 per kWh)

Expected combined Savings per month:      R1415 per month – equivalent to 70% of current bill  (765kWh saved per month)

Return on investment:         

Total expected savings year 1:                    R16 697

Total investment:                                            R75 000

Return on investment year 1:                      23%

Savings based on an annual 10% escalation on the electricity price every year:

Year 2 savings:                  R18 727 (R1561/pm)

Year 3 savings:                  R20 655 (R1721/pm) *solar investment fully pays for itself in 3.6 years

Year 4 savings:                  R22 766 (R1897/pm)

Year 5 savings:                  R25 062 (R2088/pm)

10 yrs cumulative savings:    R280 000

Without any intervention, today’ R2000 electricity bill will cost R383 000 over 10 years. By going with the above solar solution, this family will save a huge R280 000.

*All calculations are an approximation based on a R2000 per month electrical bill for an average family of four. Each case will have some variation based on the particular parameters of each house.

Solar Finance sorted

One Energy offers competitive monthly finance options.  With every Eskom increase that comes each year, you’ll be saving more and more and protecting your pocket against the impact of hyperinflationary increases.  So, instead of paying exorbitant electricity bills for absolutely no return, you’ll be investing your money into your new resources, saving thousands over the long term and increasing your property value. Talk to us about our competitive finance solutions.

Get off the electricity grid step-by-step – it’s easier and more affordable than you realise to produce your own electricity

Solar technology and the self-sufficiency it provides are creating an entirely new world of empowered consumers who have more choices than ever before.  In fact, traditional utility electricity providers around the globe are all in decline as consumers choose to take control of their energy supply with renewable solutions, rejecting polluting and expensive coal and nuclear power generation.  For South Africans, choosing to go solar and get off the grid-step-by-step is the most affordable and reliable way to rid yourself permanently of soaring electricity costs, Eskom’s governance failures and blatant abuse of your tax money.

One Energy’s grid-tie photovoltaic (PV) offering is the very best in the market in terms of price and quality.  We won’t be beaten on these prices on the same tech specifications and equivalent installation quality.

Solis Grid-Tie PV System (1-phase) Panel Array Monthly savings (R1,85/kWh) System Cash price Monthly loan @ 19%, 60 months
3kW Solis System 3kW R832 (450kWh)  R 53 910.00 R1498
4kW Solis System 4kW R1220 (660kWh)  R 63 100.00 R1736
5kW Solis System 5kW R1465 (792kWh)  R 82 500.00 R2240
  • These are indicative costs for a standard installation. All pricing subject to a site assessment.
  • Typical sizes used for residential applications. Pricing on larger and commercial solutions are available.
  • Finance option subject to credit checking and individual credit rating.

What is PV?

Photovoltaic (PV) systems make use of the sun to generate electricity during daylight hours. Solar panels are exposed to sunlight or solar radiation and generate electricity which is called a photovoltaic effect. This solar power flows via cable to a device called an inverter which converts the direct current (produced from the panels) to alternating current. Every KWh generated by the solar system is a kWh less required from Eskom or local municipality.  And because solar is a technology and not a fuel, there are no ongoing costs after installation as is the case with gas for example.


Financing sorted

One Energy offers competitive monthly finance options.  With every Eskom increase that comes each year, you’ll be saving more and more and protecting your pocket against the impact of hyperinflationary increases.  So, instead of paying exorbitant electricity bills for absolutely no return, you’ll be investing your money into your new resources, saving thousands over the long term and increasing your property value. Talk to us about our competitive finance solutions.